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how to smile for the judges
Products that work
Pageant Tips by ProCrown1
Thursday, 19 November 2009
Products that work!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Products that work

I've tried a number of products over the years in my pageant experience, although I can't recommend them due to legal reasons, I can tell you that I have tested them on myself and found them to really work! So if you are looking for products for your pageant grooming or just to look good without dropping hundreds on a single product, you may want to check the following out:

     Avons Anew Anti Aging products> the Ultimate Line (wow-I looked 5 yrs younger instantly when I sampled it and was impressed ) (this product is for those who have premature aging, dryer skin or are above 35-50 yrs. of age),

      Rejuvenate & rejuvenate flash facial  (I use this product currently and have been happy with the results),  this gives your face a nice "dewy look".

     Clinical eye lift (which won beauty awards by the way) and Clinical wrinkle cream (seems to be a fave amoung quite a few)

  The new Patent-Pending Reversalist   to reverse lines & aging.  A lot of buzz around this one, though I haven't tried it yet. Once I do, I will render the results on my various pageant pages. 

       Also, Avon has some other make-up and grooming products that I think also really are good and do the job that you could really use to look great for your pageant or anytime ( and these are for teens to adults by the way!)  They are:

            Luxury EyeLiners, Brows and Lips: These are very nice colors that will make your eyes reallly pop out! I think the Brown, Blue, Black & Plum are the best for pageant useage. They go on easily and last a long time without melting on the eyes. The brown is a good brown for most skin colorings whether you are cool or warm skin toned. The Blue makes my 'teal' colored eyes really stand out. This line also has a brow pencil color line and lips as well.

             Ultra Color Rich Lipstick- comes in many colors for many different skin tones, ( I like the color country rose because it goes with much in a contestants wardrobe and if you are of medium to light in your coloring then this will work for you too- it's a pinky-red watermelon color) This lipstick is also moisturizing which I think you will enjoy. Muted enough in color for your everyday or daytime pageant look. For deeper skin tones, Berry, Berry Nice color will work for you.) So check out all the colors to find your shade!

        Ultra Color Rich Lip Conditioner - this is a colorless lip conditioner that I really like. It goes on underneath your lipsticks ( you know, the ones from the supermarket stores or Department cosmetic counter stores that had colors you liked too but when you used it was just a bit dry!) This product will make those faves do what you always wanted them to do! Look great on you- but stay freshly moister and last a little longer. Plus it can double as a nightly lip conditioning balm which is not advertised but I use it that way also and have been very happy with it's result. No chapped lips now, unless you kiss way too much- then trust my honey's you need this product! You can check out all they lipstick lines, including the anew lines, lip plumping lines, and more by clicking here.

      Glazewear Lip Glosses- These are really good. They are glossy with all the shine you want from a gloss! Plus they have good color not just a sheer shine, unless you purchase clear of course. It has been my personal opinion for a very long time that some of the best lip gloss is from the Avon Corporation! You should use the lipgloss in just one or two places on your lips for pageant competition or public appearances. This is: just a dab on the upper lip, just below each point in your lip; And just a dab on the center part of your lower lip. this is applied over the top of your lipstick, by the way.

      On to your Body, hands & Feet: I love these next products and have used a couple of different store brands I thought I would never replace, I mean NEVER! However, I can honestly say, I love these next couple of product lines, and think they will make you look great too. They are:

       Skin So Soft Signature Silk line> comes in an array of products, gels, body wash, hand & body moisture lotion. I use currently the Ultra Moisture body lotion of this line along with the body wash & the hand cream. I love the 'dove' like fragrance and it really makes my skin feel silky soft as advertised. Plus the Skin so Soft 'Soft and Sensual' line is good also if you prefer that fragrance. I use the Gel-Oil and it is amazing how silky my skin gets everytime I use it. the SSS line (skin so soft) comes in skin renewal forms as well. I think, once you try this product, you'll be hooked too.

       Foot Works for Great looking Feet (and hands)> This really can give your feet that 'model skin' appearance. Plus it contains peppermint so it really does feel refreshing after you've been in those heels (and dress shoes) all day long! The Cracked Heel relief cream and the foot moisture cream really do work and gets rid of those dry cracked feet! I also have used it on my legs, elbows and hands and have been very pleased how it made my skin look- nice and smooth. They have a complete line I believe you will enjoy using.

         Moisture Therapy Handcream- This too works well to give your hands and feet that 'model skin' look. It's thicker and lasts a while but I think it made my hands look quite a bit younger.  They have a complete lotion line of Moisture therapy products for body.

        Avon's Nail Polish Remover in Packets >  Way Cool and oh, so convenient! You've got to have these for on the go and in your make-up bags for your pageant year and beyond. Talk about travel convenience and no more leaky nail polish remover all over your comsmetic bag or luggage. Say bye bye to ick- hello nail remover packets! simply tear, wipe and polish. A bit on the pricey side, but look for specials if you must. and book mark by clicking here for this exclusive product.  Honey, the convenience is worth every penny! and you don't have to 'cover polish' those chips anymore.

        Your pageant travel - Also a good hint for bags is to carry a Naturals line shower gel in your bag. This is not only a pleasant fragrance of shower gel, but it doubles as a quick laundry soap in the sink for handwashables on the go. I use this currently not only as a shower gel once in a while that doesn't dry out my skin, but I use it also to handwash my silk shirts and finer garments like my washable cashmere sweaters.  A little goes a long way in the sink, and when it's on sale for a couple of bucks, I stock up and it makes my fine washables look good and smell good too. Just a little pageant trick I learnt from a silk retailer along the way! It just may work for you too.

      You may also like to use the following too: a lipstick from Color Me Beautiful called Frosted Watermelon for stage use to beef up your day time ultra color rich lipstick "country Rose" by applying it over the top for a quick change from pageant event to stage pageant event. If you do use the color me beautiful frosted watermelon ( or any color) do use the ultra color rich lip conditioner underneath first.

      Dr. Feel Good- for those who don't wear any 'coverage' type skin foundation, although I recommend using foundations, (they give a flawless look to the skin, especially on stage where you need the color & coverage the most), this product called Dr. Feel Good by Benefit cosmetics might work for those people who just can't wear foundation. It contains an ingredient called squaline which helps nip pimples in the butt! It's a thick Balm that sponges on and does feel like you are wearing something on your face. It may not work with your blush and keep it away from your eyes or you'll be sorry! Don't use too much or it will looking like too much on a stage. It would be best for a teen, if you are an adult looking for that dewy glow, I would direct you towards (without recommending) Rejuvenate Flash Facial instead and use a cream blush.

        Well, that's all for now on this blog. I think this will be helpful for a number of you to find those products that you really need & have been looking for without breaking the bank.

Posted by procrown1 at 9:32 AM PST
Updated: Thursday, 19 November 2009 11:53 AM PST
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Wednesday, 18 November 2009
way to smile!
Mood:  bright
Topic: how to smile for the judges

Way to Smile!

  There is a perfect way to smile for the judges. This pageant smile begins with by working your smile. First look at yourself in the mirror and smile, next physically "roll" the corners of your smile (mouth) downward. they won't actually roll downward, but this "forcing" action will make the corners of your mouth go strait across thus limiting the "puffy" cheek look that can make one's smile looking "piggy". Pay attention to how that feels, you will remember that feeling so you know that you are doing it correctly when not infront of the mirror.

  Next, practice that "oh, I am so happy" beaming glow while you are doing that smile. See how your whole face lights up? This is the look you want to project when in front of the judges on stage in particular. One added plus to doing this, is that you won't have your mind on the fact they are scrutinizing your every move and you'll be projecting that "winning glow" many judges look for.


Posted by procrown1 at 12:12 PM PST
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