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The following links should help provide you all you need to get your gear together for your upcoming pageant event.  All the resources provided here range from budget conscious to more expensive lines.

      Special Note- There should be plenty to choose from as I do not recommend any of them and have only listed specific items that I have tried and worked for myself. However, I do not endorse those products , only provide an outlet for you to decide what you wish to use at your own risk.


Beauty & Skin Care                                                                         Evening Gowns

For age defying products that work                                                  Mike Benet              Sydneyscloset
Beauty on a Budget- won't break the bank                                     Alyce Designs         Landa designs

Benefit Cosmetics                                                                               Nadine                     Sheri Hill Designs

Avon Cosmetics Online e-Representative                                     [ebay store -need link]

"Mall" Cosmetics (more costly & no more effective):                                                        

Estee Lauder



Color Me Beautiful

 Beauty & Accessories for the whole family


Swim Suits for competition                                                Shoes for Competition

Glamour suits                                                                             CP Annie Productions               Massey's

CP Annie Productions                                                                Dyeables                                     shoe mall
                                                                                                        Maryland Square                        9-West

Talent Competition                                             Avon's shoes & Accessories                 

(see Evening gowns )                               



Crown - Tiara Suppliers                                                 Trophy Suppliers

Holly Hardwick               Allen's Crowns                                               Schoppy

Crystal Crown                Diamond Nexxus Labs

Ejools                             Schoppy


Sash Companies

California Sash Company

Rainbow's End



Chldren's Pageant Supplies





Pageant Sites

Miss America

Miss USA

Miss Universe

Miss Teen USA

Co-ed Pageants

Turn for the Judges